Why Taco Pax Bladder Expansion Tanks Are The Best

Why Taco Pax Bladder Expansion Tanks Are The Best

Why you should choose Taco Expansion tanks. Water, when heated will expand (thermal expansion), and if there is not enough space to accommodate the excess steam and water, you might have numerous problems. An expansion tank comes with two sections and each side is separated by a diaphragm. This allows the expansion tank to push the steam across, without the need for any manual operation. The fundamental function of an expansion tank is seeing that there is no bursting of units or pipes. When there is a rise in temperature, the water expands and an expansion tank comes into play. The excess volume is taken by the tank, but when the temperature starts decreasing, the water contracts, leaving the pipes with open spaces within them. Now, the expansion tank does its job again by driving out the extra volumes of water into the plumbing lines. It is worth mentioning here that Taco Pax Bladder Expansion Tanks are one of the best among the available ones. These expansion tanks are also used in chilling systems.

About Taco Expansion Tanks

Taco is a reputed name in the expansion tank industry and highly preferred for its efficiency and durability. Their expansion tanks come with a bladder or diaphragm to clearly separate water and air. There is no absorption at any point, with a Taco expansion tank by your side, you will not have to bear with waterlogged tanks, excessive corrosion or pump cavitations. Taco excels in making expansion tanks and stands second to none when it comes to the design and standard. Taco expansion tanks are used in booster installations, chiller plants and boiler systems.

Taco Pax Bladder Expansion Tanks

When you think of potable water, Taco Pax Bladder Expansion Tanks must come to your mind. They are built to cater to potable water needs. They are tested for quality and come in numerous models to choose from.

Here are the specifications of Taco Pax Bladder Expansion Tanks

  • They are shell designed and made in accordance with ASME code, Section VIII; complaint to industry standards.
  • Made from top quality carbon steel, durability promised!
  • The exterior comes with bold red oxide primer finish. Looks wonderful, lasts longer.
  • Standard Design Pressure and Temperature: 150 psi @ 240°F (136 kPa @ 116°C) Max.
  • The brand is registered with the reputed National Board of Pressure Vessel Manufacturers
  • U-1A data Report.
  • The tank comes with a bladder for permanent separation of water and air.
  • Water when expands get into the bladder, the air gets pre-charged on the shell side.
  • The bladder is made from heavy duty Butyl; it can be removed in case you want to inspect, sturdy and flexible indeed.
  • The system connection is made from 304 stainless steel, strong and made to last!
  • ISO 9001 certified, so take away all your fears and doubts.

These tanks can be installed only vertically and models certified to NSF/ANSI 61-G are necessarily need to be installed over the cold water side of the water heater. Non NSF/ANSI 61-G models are ideal for Vertical or Horizontal Installation.

Taco has designed their water tanks in accordance to the heating/chilling processes, also taking into account the water properties. Taco Pax Bladder Expansion Tanks are available in 11 models and several capacities, choose the one that best suits your need. There are charts available for your reference, to help you make the right choice.

Partial Acceptance Captive Air Bladder Expansion Tank

This tank finds maximum application in institutional, industrial and commercial purposes such as pressure control in hydronic systems. Partial Acceptance Captive Air Bladder Expansion Tank comes with a field replaceable bladder for separating the water and air permanently. The permanent separation lets the tank to get precharged to the minimal levels of fill pressure. The precharge gets rid of volumes of water used to reduce the atmospheric pressure that is commonly seen in a plain steel tank function. The tank is unique in that the partial acceptance bladder does not come attached to the tank, rather sits comfortably at the bottom of the tank using an internal assembly that connects to the steel system situated on the top.

Corrosion Minimized!

Taco has been very professional and has come up with a selection app to make choosing of expansion tank simple. The expanded water gets into the bladder while the air is on the outside of this bladder between the tank and the bladder. Such a professional design! The water thus does not come in contact with the wall of the tank, so the chances of corrosion is greatly reduced. The partial acceptance bladder tank comes with only limited acceptance, it does not stretch.

Quality Ensured

Taco Pax Bladder Expansion Tanks are made in accordance with the industry quality standards and come in 11 beautiful and versatile designs to choose from, PAX 30, PAX 425 and PAX 500 are some of them. These tanks are also compact in design, in other words, they are smaller sized compared to traditional steel tanks.

With so many innovative features, it is no wonder that Taco Pax Bladder Expansion Tanks are the best. All care is taken to design and build these expansion tanks. They are made to comply with all the rules, at the same time much focus is given to attain maximum efficiency. They are long lasting as corrosion is reduced here and occupy much lesser space than any other models on the market. People love compactness, and this is best achieved with Taco Pax Bladder Expansion Tanks!

Are you still thinking? If so, you are wasting your time! Hurry, get a Taco Pax Bladder Expansion Tank for your potable water needs today and experience the best! When it comes to expansion tanks, there cannot be a better name than Taco. They have been the industry leaders over the years now and will continue to be so with their innovations!

Buy Taco Pax Bladder Expansion Tanks and put your mind at ease!

15th Oct 2018 Jennifer

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