Taco 0026e High Efficiency Circulators

Taco 0026e High Efficiency Circulators

The Taco 0026e is a high-performance, variable speed, wet-rotor circulator with high-efficiency ECM permanent magnet technology. With 5 easy-speed settings, it is suitable for large residential and light commercial hydronic heating, chilled water cooling, and domestic hot water systems.

The Taco 0026e ECM circulating pump reduces power consumption by up to 85% compared to equivalent AC permanent split capacitor circulators.

Model Variations:

It is available in:

●Cast Iron

●NSF certified Stainless Steel.

Pressure and Temperature Specifications:

Maximum operating pressure: 150 psi (10.3 bar)

Maximum fluid temperature: 230°F (110˚C)

Minimum fluid temperature: 14°F (-10˚C)

Electrical specifications:

●115/208/230V, 50/60 Hz, single phase

Maximum operating power: 125W

Maximum amp rating: 1.05AMaximum amp rating: 1.05A

Usage Modes:

The machine works on four different modes:


Active ADAPT is an operating mode designed for constant circulation systems. On this setting, the circulator will sense changes in system flow and head conditions and adjust the operating curve automatically.

2.Constant Pressure Mode:

At Low setting the circulator will vary speed to maintain 8 feet of head constant pressure. At Medium setting the circulator will vary speed to maintain 16 feet of head constant pressure.

3.Fixed Speed Mode:

At High setting the circulator always operates at full speed.

4.0-10V DC or PWM External Input:

The circulator will vary its speed and performance based on a 0-10V DC analog or PWM digital signal external input.

  • Replaces all single speed and 3-speed circulators in its class
  • Rotatable control cover to simplify installation
  • BIO Barrier protects the pump from system contaminants
  • Sure start automatic unblocking and air purging mode
  • Use with a Taco ZVC Zone Valve Control or SR switching relay for ON/Off operation
  • Nut-grabber feature for on flanges for easier fit-up
  • Dual electrical knockouts and a removable quick-connect terminal strip for easy wiring
  • Double insulated
  • Whisper-quiet operation
1. Location:

The circulator can be installed on the supply or return side of the boiler but for best system performance, it should always pump away from the expansion tank.

2.Mounting Position:

Circulator must be mounted with the motor in the horizontal position. See Figure 4 & Figure 5 in the brochure for acceptable and unacceptable motor mounting orientations.

3.Filling the System:

Fill the system with tap water or a maximum of 50% propylene-glycol and water solution. The system must be filled before operating the circulator. The bearings are water lubricated and should not be allowed to operate dry. Filling the system will result in immediate lubrication of the bearings. It is always good practice to flush a new system of foreign matter before starting the circulator.

4.Wiring the Circulator:

Disconnect AC power supply. Remove terminal box cover. Attach a wiring connector into knockout hole. Use flexible conduit only. The green terminal plug may be removed to simplify wiring, then snapped back in place. Connect Line/Hot power to the L terminal, Neutral to the N terminal and Ground to the G terminal. See wiring diagram in the brochure. The 0026e is a double insulated circulator; grounding wire is not necessary but recommended for safety. Replace terminal box cover. Insert rubber cap plug provided to cover unused knockout hole.

5.Start the Circulator:

When purging the system, it is recommended to run the circulator at full speed long enough to remove all remaining air from the bearing chamber. This is especially important when installing the circulator in the off-season. Turn the dial to the HIGH setting for maximum fixed speed. A blue LED will illuminate when the 0026e is powered on.

6.Programming your 0026e circulator:

Modify the performance of the circulator as needed by rotating the dial using a flat screwdriver. When the circulator is powered on, the LED will illuminate and change color based on the operating mode selected. The LED will flash each time a setting is changed.


Never run the circulator dry or permanent damage may result.

10th Aug 2021 Jennifer

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