Taco SmartPlus-e ECM Instant Hot Water System

Taco SmartPlus-e ECM Instant Hot Water System

You just woke up to find out you are late to your office. You cannot go to your office without bathing but making hot water will take a millennia and you would never bathe in cold freezing water. Damn! You will definitely lose your job today. *Curtains open and the spotlight shines on this amazing device* What is it? It is the new Taco SmartPlus-e ECM. *Cheers, whistles and Claps*. A super-smart and highly efficient solution for instant hot water. Taco has been and is still the leader of quality and reliability. When buying a product from Taco, you can surely forget about any kind of service requirement for years.

The SmartPlus-e ECM is a hot water system that heats up the water passing through it instantly. Its combination with the new modern 006e3 Hot water circulator and the very sophisticated and intelligent SmartPlug instant water temperature control makes it an ideal component in this category for your house or business. Moreover, The Taco Circulating pump has its own dedicated hot water return line making the system even more convenient and pocket friendly saving you a ton of money you would have to put extra for the additional water line.


What can be good about a water circulator right? Answer: Everything.

The Taco SmartPlus-e 006e3 ECM Water Circulator is manufactured by Taco. The name itself is enough to gain the trust of quality and reliability. Besides this, the features of this water circulator will amaze you:

  • The ECM water circulator comes with a 13’ sized shut-off head. This can allow a max speed of as much as 11 gallons per minute. Man! you can bathe an elephant with that much water.
  • The dial on the circulator is very simple and easy to use. It has a low, medium, and a high setting and a 003 and 006 point references for its performance.
  • Extremely easy to install. Even a kid could install it if given the instructions.
  • Highly compact design. The 006e3 ECM CIRCULATOR will fit into the narrowest part of the house.
  • With the feature that supports multiple connections, you can connect more than one output to the circulator. Such a device will definitely save you big bucks.
  • Surprisingly, this high-performance ECM Water circulator is so efficient that it will save you up to 85% on electricity bills.
  • The inclusion of SureStart technology’s unblocking system and the automatic air purging mode will never demand another service for years.
  • Extremely silent operation. You can keep it next to your ears and still hear nothing.
  • The device is doubly insulated. Extremely safe operation and wouldn’t require the additional ground wire for its operation.
  • The 6ft chord will allow you to fix it anywhere in the room.

How smart is SmartPlug?

The inclusion of Taco SmartPlug to the Taco’s SmartPlus-e 006e3 Water heater has brought in a great number of benefits to the whole system. The whole system has now become smart and efficient. Apart from the electricity saved on the usage of the heater, the smart plug’s operation will help save even more electricity. All thanks to the various modes of operations, SmartPlug has become a reliable and energy-saving device.

The following modes available in the SmartPlug will answer the HOW in your mind:

  • The ‘SMART MODE’:The most important of all other modes. When you set your SmartPlug to smart mode, the device will start studying and learning you. It will start to remember when and how much water you use and at what times of the day. It will monitor and record your hot water usage pattern over a period of a week or so and based on the data, it will toggle the 006e3 water circulator ON and OFF. This means before even turning on nay buttons, the device is ready to pour out some hot water. In fact, the ‘SMART MODE’ will work every week to understand your habits more efficiently and will work accordingly to not give you another reason to skip your office of the college.
  • The ‘PULSE MODE’:When you are not sure about your bathing plans, just turn on the pulse mode. It will turn on the 006e3 circulator for about 5 mins and will set it asleep for 10 mins. This cycle of pulses continues so that you have hot water whenever you feel like bathing.
  • The ‘VACATION MODE’:A crazy add on to the SmartPlug to save your equipments. When on vacation mode, or when there is no hot water use for 36 consecutive hours, the SmartPlug will turn off all the devices connected to it until it detects the usage.
  • THE ‘EXERCISE FUNCTION’:Just like a human, these devices need to work out to stay fit. Hence, the SmartPlug will turn the 006e3 Water circulator ON for 10 seconds every week so that no part of the system gets corroded.

The whole setup can save a promising 1200* Gallons of water every year and will save you at least 85% on electricity even at its maximum performance. It's smartness, Comfort, Easy installation process, efficiency, and Taco’s trust and reliability makes it the best Smart Hot Water Recirculation system on the planet. Buy one today. Fix it and forget its existence while enjoying its amazing services.

5th May 2020 Jennifer

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