Armstrong Suction Diffusers

Armstrong Suction Diffusers

Armstrong suction diffusers are designed for direct mounting on the suction flange of horizontal and vertical pumps. Armstrong Suction Guides (SGs) are installed on the suction side of pumps to protect against damage from debris and foreign matter, and optimize flow efficiency. Most installations require a long radius elbow, flow-straightening entrance pipe, and y strainer - the Suction Guide’s versatile 4-function design saves space and installation costs by incorporating all these devices into a single solution.


 Design Benefits:

  • Suction guide body made of cast iron, ductile iron, or carbon steel, with ansi or din flanges. Same size ports are available with oversized inlet flange to eliminate reducer. Threaded inlet available to 2"(50mm)
  • Guide vanes reduce turbulence, thereby creating optimum flow conditions and minimizing stress on pump components.
  • Strainer with V" (3 mm) perforated stainless steel. Star-shaped for added strength and designed to provide large free flow area to reduce pressure drop.
  • Removable fine mesh start-up strainer, furnished as a standard item, helps prevent mechanical seal or instrument damage during initial run period.
  • Optional magnet to help eliminate free floating metallic particles from system.
  • Removable cover, with O-ring, enables easy access to strainer.

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