Armstrong Heat Exchangers

Armstrong Heat Exchangers

The Armstrong family of heat transfer products is aimed at providing commercial and industrial users with a proven range of heat exchanger solutions. Armstrong’s versatile heat exchangers provide dependable, efficient performance for a broad range of commercial and industrial applications where fluids must be quickly heated or cooled. Products offer industry-wide compatibility and are available in numerous material and working pressures to suit the most demanding requirements. The standard Armstrong design meets the requirements of asme Boiler Code Section viii, Division 1. 

The Armstrong range includes:

Armstrong offers brazed plate heat exchangers for refrigeration, hydronic heating, and process temperature control applications. The heat exchanger plates and connections are made from 316 stainless steel, to provide improved corrosion resistance. Standard designs include copper brazed plates. Nickel brazing is available as an option. 

Armstrong U-Tube heat exchangers are designed for durability and include a removable tube bundle as a standard feature. The U-shaped tube design provides a long service life by eliminating the effects of thermal expansion and contraction. These heat exchangers feature carbon steel components, 0.75” (19 mm) copper tubes, and a rugged cast iron head. Components are also available in a selection of materials for use in specific applications. 

Double-Wall tube (tube-in-tube design) heat exchangers are designed for applications where it is critical that the system prevents the mixing of internal fluids, i.e. potable water heaters. These units, in the event of a leak, allow the liquid to drain to atmosphere. Made from the same quality components as the W Series, the tube bundle from a WX Series heat exchanger will fit the shell of an existing W Series heat exchanger. 

  •  Armstrong Plate & Frame Heat Exchangers

The Armstrong plate and frame heat exchanger consists of a number of specially corrugated metal plates assembled in a frame and bolted between two pressure plates, one fixed and one adjustable. Turbulence is created in the liquid flow channels, which creates very high heat transfer coefficients and provides efficient heat transfer in a compact design. Armstrong plate and frame heat exchangers are normally supplied with stainless steel plates. Titanium plates are available as an option. 

Armstrong plate designs have been optimized for water-to-water heat transfer to provide enhanced performance in HVAC applications.

Units are designed for 100 psi, 150 psi and 300 psi (690 kPa, 1034 kPa and 2068 kPa) designs. Applications requiring higher working pressures as high as 400psi (2757kPa) can also be accommodated. 

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