Series eHSC/HSC-S Wear Wear Ring Impeller

Series eHSC/HSC-S Wear Wear Ring Impeller

Bell & Gossett Series eHSC/HSC-S Wear Wear Ring Impeller. The new Bell & Gossett Series e-HSC double suction pump provides engineers, contractors, and building owners a more powerful, serviceable, and efficient solution for a wide range of critical HVAC applications. With longer running life thanks to a shorter shaft that reduces vibrations, this pump can run up to 3x as long (100,000 hours within the preferred operating range) before the bearings need to be changed. Its also more powerful with a flow rate of up to 26,600 gpm the new Bell & Gossett e-HSC can easily handle large capacity systems and higher head. The ease of serviceability with the new e-HSC pump saves time and reduces downtime. The mechanical seal and bearings can be easily accessed without opening the upper casing and with the standard spacer coupling, both can be changed easily.


The Bell & Gossett e-HSC pump features internally self-flushing mechanical seals. This design, an industry standard, ensures maximum seal life lubrication, heat dissipation and debris removal – all without vulnerable, external flush lines and filter kits that can clog and result in seal failure. With the Bell & Gossett internally self-flushing seal design, as much as 25% of the total pump flow continuously flushes the seal faces compared to the few gpm a conventional stuffing box mounted mechanical seal receives. This design keeps seals cooler and cleaner – resulting in longer mechanical seal life.

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