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Taco 4900 Series Commercial Air Separators

Taco 4900 Series Air Separators help you save money and prolong the life of system pumps, piping and components by removing air and dirt from the system to prevent problems such as reduced heat transfer, loss of efficiency, pipe corrossion, pump damage, noise and the waste and cost of increased energy consumption. Patented PALL ring technology clears the system of microbubbles as small as 18 x 10 -6 meters, sand, dirt and rust.

Save money and lengthen the life of system pumps, piping, and components with the Taco 4900 Series air and dirt removal separators. The 4900 Series scrubber system is designed and constructed to ASME code, with technology proven in the field, around the world. Built with the quality and dependability that’s made Taco famous for its performance and reliability. 4900 Series’ internal PALL Ring basket assemblies have been developed with safety and ease of maintenance in mind. Eliminate bubbles and dirt in the system before they cause trouble. 

Air and dirt trapped in the system can produce major problems such as reduced heat transfer, loss of effi- ciency, pipe corrosion, pump damage, increased energy consumption, and irritating noise. The highly efficient Taco 4900 Series separator, now with optional remov- able covers, clears the system of microbubbles, sand, dirt, and rust to save money, energy, and component wear. 4900 Series’ stainless steel PALL Ring baskets can be removed by one person. Unlike many competitive models each 4900 unit is designed and constructed to the requirements of Section VIII of the ASME code as standard. 

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