Taco 1900 Series In-Line Centrifugal Pumps

Taco 1900 Series In-Line Centrifugal Pumps

Product Description – Taco 1900 Series In-Line Pumps

The Taco Series 1900 Centrifugal Pumps are the latest pumps in the long line of exceptional pumps released by Taco Inc. as these in-line Centrifugal Pumps meet the industry standards for reliability and hydraulic performance. Each pump in this series is backed by Taco Inc, the leaders in designing and manufacturing heating and cooling equipment since the 1920s. In this series, you can get pumps in five basic models that range in sizes from 1-1/2” x 1-1/2” to 2” x 2”, with a flow range of between 10 and 250 GPM and head capabilities to 160 feet. Every pump in this series is compact, energy-efficient, and can easily be installed anywhere in the piping layout.

Series 1900 Taco Pumps are designed for versatility for installation and energy efficiency in the piping system. These Taco Pumps are self-supported by connected piping, meaning you won’t have to worry about external support or additional strapping. These in-line pumps can be installed either vertically or horizontally. The pumps are permanently sealed while the grease-lubricated bearing motor will make them maintenance-free. The Taco 1900 Series supports Wi-Fi connectivity technology and Taco’s eLink NFC.

Specifications of Taco 1900 Series In-Line Pumps

Motors: 1760 RPM or optional 3500 RPM, three-phase 208V, 230V, or 460V, 60Hz, NEMA 56 frame C face motor. There is also an option of single-phase 115V, 208V, or 230V motors. The motor in every pump has sealed ball bearing designs and require minimal maintenance.

Body: Companion flanges are included with the pump. The pumps come with cast iron having in-line flanged connections. You can choose between two available options – all 304 or NSF61 stainless steel.

Impeller: Its one-piece cast 304 stainless steel impellers are closed and dynamically balanced.

Drive: In-line, direct driven pump drive.

Shaft: Alloy steel having a cupro-nickel shaft sleeve.

Mechanical Seal: It has a J. Crane Type 21 with carbon rotating elements and ceramic stationary seal. It can withstand a standard maximum operating temperature as high as 250° F (121° C). For systems having aggressive fluids or requirement a maximum operating temperature of 300° F (149° C), there is an optional “Sealide C” seal available and these are silicon carbine rotating elements and silicon carbide stationary seal.

Working Pressure: 1207 kPa or 175 PSI in accordance with ASA B16.1

Flanges: 2”, tapped for gauges

Range of specs for 1900 Series in-line pumps (Pump model numbers in the Taco Pumps series): 1911, 1915, 1919, 1935, and 1941

GPM: 7 to 280

Head: 6 to 164 feet

HP: 1/4 to 7.5 1/4HP motors available for single-phase use only

UL Approved, Made in USA

Why Centrifugal Pumps are a great option?

A Centrifugal Pump operates at a constant speed and delivers any capacity from zero to the maximum capacity, depending on the design, head, and suction conditions. The 1900 Series In-line Centrifugal Pumps will operate your buildings with greater efficiency as it’ll help you significantly reduce energy costs.

Most HVAC systems are designed in a way to keep the buildings cool on the hot days and warm on the cold days. Therefore, an HVAC system will work on the 10 hottest days and the 10 coldest days of the year. They might operate at reduced capacity on the remaining 345 days. This is where a variable frequency drives will match the system flow to actual cooling and heating demands. The VFD can also reduce the motor speed and add to that reliable 1900 Taco 1900 Centrifugal Pumps and it’ll dramatically reduce the electrical energy used and the power required.

Some of the other features and benefits of Taco 1900 Series In-line Centrifugal Pumps include –

Rugged Casing Design – The Taco 1900 Series Pumps have a maximum operating pressure of as much as 175 PSI or 1207 kPa and a maximum operating temperature of 300° F or 149° C. The 1900 Series Pumps are available in cast iron stainless-steel constructions or in all stainless-steel constructions.

Pressure Tapping – Pressure Tapping will allow different pressure readings to be taken with ease across the pump.

One-piece enclosed impeller – Dynamically balanced cast stainless steel impeller will ensure long life higher durability and higher pump efficiency.

Cupro-nickel shaft sleeve – Non-corrosive shaft sleeves will protect the shaft by preventing any contact between the shaft and the system fluid eliminating the need for expensive corrosion shaft materials.

Factory tested – Every Series 1900 Taco Pump is factory tested and built in accordance with the latest Hydraulic Institute Standards.

Other featuresTaco 1900 Series Centrifugal Pumps are virtually maintenance-free. Every pump in this series is furnished with ceramic seals in order to meet a variety of application requirements. The standard mechanical seal is actually an industry-standard Type 21 design that consists of the rotating element (EPT elastomers, SS spring and Retainer, and carbon mating ring), and ceramic seal. One seal size will fit all models. For information on parts for these pumps please visit our Taco Series 1900 Pump Parts page.

9th Jan 2020 Jennifer

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