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Taco Series PAX Bladder Type Expansion Tanks

Taco Series Pax Bladder Type Expansion Tanks. These bladder-type tanks provide permanent separation of air and water. All wetted components are built of FDA-approved materials. Available in 11 models to meet all your potable water needs. They feature a removable heavy-duty Butyl rubber bladder, fabricated steel shell designed and constructed per ASME Section VIII Div 1. Each is factory pre-charged to job specifications. Standard bladder: 125 PSIG (862 kPa). Optional bladder: 150 PSIG (1,034 kPa). Please see information and links below.

Taco Expansion Tanks are used in the following applications, pressure stabilization in water based mechanical systems such as booster installations, boiler systems, and chiller plants.

If you have questions you can also email your request to us at: Sales@NationalPumpSupply.com