Bell & Gossett Ecocirc 20-18 Smart Circulator Pump

Bell & Gossett Ecocirc 20-18 Smart Circulator Pump

The Bell & Gossett Ecocirc 20-18 is a smart circulation pump that is equipped with Bluetooth for better connectivity. You can operate the motor through your phone even if you’re not near the pump site. The pump is useful for heating and cooling mechanisms as well as the circulation of potable water.

Let’s see some of the technical features of the product:

Technical Features of Ecocirc 20-18:

The Ecocirc 20-18 Pump Comes With:

  • Highly efficient electronically commutated permanent magnet motor that uses the ECM technology.
  • The pump can handle up to 20 gallons per minute of water
  • 70W maximum power
  • The pump operates at three modes which are proportional pressure, constant pressure or fluid speed control
  • The pump can operate on the temperatures between 14-230 degree Fahrenheit, and stops immediately if there’s a sudden change in the temperature
  • Maximum pressure 145 psi
  • CircGuard™– complete integrated system protection
  • Automatic air purge to remove any air trapped in the pump

Extra Features:

  • One turn knob
  • Multicolor LED display for easy reading and setting of the pump
  • Check valve included in box
  • Insulation shell included


There are two variants available for this model pump:

  1. Cast iron flanged models for closed loop hydronic heating and cooling systems
  2. Stainless steel flanged and union body pumps for plumbing systems or open loop heating and cooling systems.

Safety and Precautions:


Always check the product after arrival for any missing part. If there's any part unavailable in the package, claim with the shipment company.

Another thing while opening the package is too beware of the nails and other sharp parts of the pump that can cause injury.


The equipment needs proper installation by a professional who can set it up using safety gear such as:

  • Hard hats
  • Safety Goggles
  • Protective Gloves and shoes
  • Breathing equipment

Before the installation of the pump, make sure that the environment is free of any potential hazard such as vapors or gas. When the installation is completed, always turn on all the safety features to avoid any accident.

Some other points to keep a note of include:

  • Do not install the pump in a damp/submersible area
  • The unit is meant to be installed indoors only
  • The product comes with a California hazard 65 which means that the product has chemicals that are associated with causing birth disabilities in newborns.
  • The unit should not be installed in a place where there's a chance of gas or vapor accumulation.


Do not use this pumping unit for any abrasive, heavy liquid instead of water. The water hardness level should not exceed 14 grains per gallon with a PH maintenance of 7-9.

Additional Requirements:

  • The pump must be installed in a place that is not the lowest in the system
  • There should be no contact with other pumps
  • Support the pipes independently so that they don't press the pump down
  • Clean off the pipes from any welding residue
  • If you're putting a check valve in place, make sure to install it in the discharge nozzle of the pump.
17th Jun 2021 Jennifer

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