Bell & Gossett Series e-60 Centrifugal Pumps

Bell & Gossett Series e-60 Centrifugal Pumps

Centrifugal Pumps are the leading choice of pumps in the market these days as they are the most commonly used type of pumps used for the transfer of fluids.

In simpler words, these pumps use a rotating impeller for moving water or any other fluids by using the centrifugal force. These are often the go-to choice for delivering from one location A to location B. It is used in many industries including petroleum, power generation plants, agriculture, industrial plants, municipal (water and wastewater plants), pharmaceutical, mining, chemical, and others.

This type of pump is used when you need to handle large quantities of fluids because it can provide high flow rates (that can vary with changes in the TDH or Total Dynamic Head of the piping system) and give you the ability to adjust the flow rates over a wide range.

A centrifugal pump is generally designed in a way to suit the liquids with relatively low viscosity as you can easily pour liquids like water or light oil. However, more viscous liquids like 10 or 20 wt. oils at 68-70° F will definitely require additional horsepower for these pumps to work efficiently. For viscous liquids having over 30 wt. oils, it would be better to prefer positive displacement pumps over centrifugal pumps as they’ll result in lower energy costs.

Bell & Gossett Series e-60 Centrifugal Pumps

The B&G Series e-60 is a three-piece centrifugal pump that is designed for potable water, HVAC, and other clean water applications in the commercial and residential markets. The B&G Series e-60 pumps would offer great value with high-quality hydraulic efficiency, easy serviceability, long pump life, and more. A robust mechanical seal, quiet operation, and maintenance-free bearings will make the Bell & Gossett Series e-60 a truly stress-free, install and forget solution!

The biggest advantage of choosing Bell & Gossett e-60 is its aforementioned simplicity. It doesn’t require any valves or other moving parts making it very easy to produce with different materials. This series has 0.25 – 3 HP motors at 1750 RPM that move at high speeds with minimal maintenance. The output is consistent and very steady. Additionally, these pumps are fairly small compared to other pumps that give the same output.

How B&G Series e-60 Centrifugal Pumps work?

Before knowing why you should prefer these pumps over others, you should know how they work. The B&G series e-60 pumps can easily induce the flow of liquids at a high level as it has 0.25-3 HP motors with 1750 RPM. These pumps function on a simple mechanism… by converting rotational energy, from a motor to energy in a moving fluid.

The two primary parts responsible for converting the energy are – the casing and the impeller. The casing is the airtight passage that surrounds the impeller, which in turn, is the rotating part of the pump.

In these pumps, the fluid enters into the casing, falls on the blades of the impeller at its eye, and gets whirled tangentially and radially outward until that fluid leaves the impeller into the diffuser of the casing. While the fluid passes through the impeller, it’ll gain both velocity and pressure.

Bell & Gossett Series e-60 Centrifugal Pumps - Features and Benefits

  • Ease of selection:
    • B&G Series e-60 pumps come in 9 distinct sizes, with 144 available stock models, and more Built-to-Order configurations. Both the BTO pumps and stock pumps are easily selectable, using the Bell & Gossett pump selection and e-order software.
  • High hydraulic efficiency:
    • The B&G Series e-60 pumps boast industry-leading hydraulic efficiency for every pump size. The e-60 series’ “efficiency islands” are the widest in its class as they signify high hydraulic efficiency up and down its performance curves.
  • Simple, versatile installation:
    • The B&G Series e-60 will mount directly to the system piping by its bolted flange connections that offer design flexibility and help save valuable floor space. As a replacement pump, this centrifugal pump is also the perfect drop-in solution, as flange-to-flange and suction/intake dimensions are identical to the equivalent legacy Series models.
  • Ease of service:
    • The three-piece design will allow for minimally invasive service. The motor, seal, coupler, and impeller can be easily repaired or replaced without having to remove the pump from the piping. The one-piece seal will simplify the seal replacement to eliminate the clumsy task of assembling the difficult seal components to the shaft.
  • Internally self-flushing, unitized mechanical seal:
    • The B&G e-60 features a modern, unitized mechanical seal design that has a stainless steel drive mechanism that’ll out less torsional stress on seal bellows. Its open seal chamber design will deliver ample fluid circulation at its seal face, increasing particle removal and ensuring reduced heat buildup.
  • Robust design:
    • Bell & Gossett e-60 centrifugal pumps employ high-quality components to provide long pump life and smooth performance. These pumps come with permanently lubricated rotating bearings and come fully enclosed in Polyrex grease for maintenance-free operation.

For more information please visit our Bell & Gossett Series e-60 Pumps page and for parts please visit our Bell & Gossett e-60 Pump Parts page.

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