1060 Series Bronze Circulating Pumps

1060 Series Bronze Circulating Pumps

The Armstrong 1060 Series Bronze Circulating Pumps serve residential and light commercial systems that require higher flow and pressure. 1050/1060 circulators also offer the flexibility of customizing the flow curve to specific application requirements. Applications: Residential and light commercial pumping, such as hot and chilled water recirculation, potable water distribution, multi-stage zoning, and general industrial service. Performance range of 250 USgpm flow; with 55 ft of head.



  • Hydronic heating and cooling
  • Domestic water systems
  • Multi-stage zoning
  • General industrial service

Radially-split body can be left in the line while servicing the pump, eliminating needless disconnecting of pipes. Armstrong inline circulating pumps have an oversized shaft of either special alloy steel (for sleeve design) or stainless steel (maintenance free design), machined to exacting tolerances. Both shaft design provide long life under severe working conditions. A tried and proven method of preventing water leakage, the silicon carbide construction is an often imitated feature of the Armstrong circulator. Made of strong, long-lasting materials ensures many years of noise-free, trouble-free service. Armstrong’s shaft and bearing modules (both sleeve & maintenance free design) are unique for ease of serviceability and reduced inventory costs.

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