Taco 003 Circulators

Taco 003 Circulators

The compact Taco 003 Cartridge Circulator is designed for circulating hot and chilled fresh water in open and closed loop, lower flow applications. It reduces erosion corrosion and flow noise in shorter pipe run systems. The unique, replaceable cartridge contains all moving parts. Replacing the cartridge rebuilds the circulator. Its self-lubricating, maintenance free design provides quiet, efficient operation and unmatched reliability. Available in low-lead Bronze sweat or Stainless Steel threaded or union connections.


The Taco 003 flow characteristics are ideal for Domestic Hot Water Recirculation, Heat Recovery units, Water Source Heat Pumps, and Potable Water systems. The unique, replace- able cartridge contains all of the moving parts and allows for easy service instead of replacing the entire circulator. The compact, low power consumption design is ideal for high efficiency jobs.

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