Taco 008 Circulators

Taco 008 Circulators

The Taco 008 Cartridge Circulator is designed for quiet, efficient operation in higher-head applications for hydronic heating, radiant in-floor/panel heating, solar heating, heat recovery, water source heat pump, and domestic water recirculation systems. Its unique field-serviceable cartridge contains all moving parts. Replacing the cartridge rebuilds the circulator. With no mechanical seal, the self-lubricating, maintenance free design provides unmatched reliability. Available in Cast Iron or Stainless Steel, flanged or Low-Lead Bronze, sweat construction.

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The Taco 008 is designed for a wide range of residential and light commercial higher-head water circulating applications. Typical uses include hydronic heating,radiant in-floor/panel heating and closed-loop solar heating systems. The Stainless Steel or Bronze 008 can be used in higher-head heat recovery, water source heat pump, open-loop solar heat and domestic water recirculation systems.The unique replaceable cartridge contains all of the moving parts and allows for easy service,instead of replacing the entire circulator. Compact, directdrive, low power consumption design is ideal or high-efficiency jobs.