Series e-HM Multi-stage Pumps

Series e-HM Multi-stage Pumps

The Bell & Gossett e-HM series of horizontal multi-stage pumps is designed expressly for commercial and industrial use. The e-HM uses the market-proven hydraulics of the e-SV, which helps the e-HM offer market leading efficiency. The high-efficiency motor means that you can use less pump for more performance. The standard balanced impeller reduces axial thrust 40%, therefore; extending motor bearing life. The e-HM also boasts a 20% increase in body thickness enhancing durability, and further reducing lifecycle costs.

Applications include: industrial washing and cleaning, food and beverage, industrial refrigeration, water treatment and OEM custom applications.


e-HME Smart Pump:

The e-HME smart pump is the newest addition to the e-HM pump family.  It is a pre-programmed package combining the e-HM multi-stage pump with a Xylem Smart Motor – an “ultra-premium” level IE5 permanent magnet motor with built-in pump protection controls and monitoring. The combination allows for easy, cost effective installation, and has a pre-configured system’s intelligence and performance right out of the box.  Five ranges offer flexibility for a wide list of applications, including residential and commercial pressure boosting, industrial and HVAC, and irrigation.

Features and Benefits:

e-HM Pumps:

  • The  e-HM is based on the innovative platform and market-proven hydraulics of our e-SV vertical multi-stage pumps, delivering energy efficiency that outperforms the competition by up to 15%.
  • Powerful versatility. The e-HM can be configured for a wide range of food and beverage applications, including support for flows of 2+ gallons. With two designs, six models and modular construction, it’s completely customizable.
  • Compact, durable design. The smaller motor and space-saving design lets the e-HM fit where you need it. The balanced impeller reduces axial thrust 40%, extending motor bearing life. And a 20% thicker pump body enhances durability, increasing reliability.
  • Short lead time. U.S. assembly and fast shipping ensure you get the right pump at the right time.
  • More performance for less cost. The e-HM is a high-performance pump with full pressure-boosting capabilities—using significantly less energy. Do more while spending less.

e-HME Smart Pumps:

  • Features the Xylem Smart Motor an “ultra-premium” IE5 permanent, magnet motor, providing efficiency well above a standard IE3 NEMA premium efficient synchronous motor.
    • includes a wide range of monitoring, control and safety features right out of the box with no need to configure.
    • can operate single or multipump systems of up to three pumps, with no need for an external control panel or PLC.
    • exceeds hydraulic performance of fixed speed versions in a more compact design.
  • Five e-HME pump ranges offer flexibility for a wide list of applications, including residential and commercial pressure boosting, industrial and HVAC, and irrigation.
  • Thick stainless steel casing, high-quality bearings, and stainless steel inner components minimize noise and guarantee long service life.
  • Certified for drinking water use (certified to the NSF/ANSI 61 Drinking Water System Components Standard).
  • Options include AISI 304 or 316 pump body and inner components, electropolished and passivated, and mechanical seal or O-rings.

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