4300 Vertical In-Line Pumps

4300 Vertical In-Line Pumps


Armstrong 4300 Vertical In-Line Pumps Are Built To Order. Please contact us for exact lead time. Please provide us pictures of the data plate if available and all the specs on your current pump. Sales@NationalPumpSupply.com.


INSTALLATION: Vertical In-Line pumps, being integral components of the pipework, eliminate need for inertia bases, inertia base springs, flexible pipe connectors, field grouting and alignment. Pipe hangers sized for the weight of pump, piping and fittings are the only supports required. Pipe stools, with vibration isolating pads, may be installed under each pipe leg. 

SPACE SAVING: Greatest floor space savings result when Vertical In-Line pumps are installed with Armstrong Suction Guides and Flo-Trex valves. Equivalent base mounted, horizontal split case pumps may take 3 times more floor space. 

MAINTENANCE: The mechanical seal is the critical service item in any pump. Removal of the Series 4300 split spacer coupling allows all mechanical seal components to be withdrawn for servicing, through the resulting space between pump and motor shafts, without disturbing other pump components or motor connection. Re-installing the rigid coupling brings the unit rotating assembly back to factory alignment specifications. 

RELIABILITY: Dynamically balanced impeller and shaft assembly rotating vertically on the Series 4300 centerline translate to a quiet, long-lasting pump with minimum vibration, as static shaft deflection is eliminated. There are no pump bearings to service in the Vertical In-Line design. Series 4300 is a reliable, time-proven unit with less down time. 

FLEXIBILITY: Small footprint, low installation costs, reliable and easy to maintain. These features, combined with flow range in excess of 30,000 US gpm (1,900 L/s), affirms the Series 4300 as the most flexible pump design available. 

SEALING ARRANGEMENTSArmstrong series 4300 split coupled Vertical In-Line pumps are available with two mechanical seal arrangements. Both can be removed easily and quickly for servicing without costly removal of the motor or pump from the piping. The high performance outside type mechanical seal combines the advantages of a multi-spring balanced seal with premium quality and is the easiest to remove. The inside type mechanical seal provides an economical alternative.

Please Contact Us For Lead Time!

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