What Features Make The Bell & Gossett Series e-1531 Pump Distinct?

What Features Make The Bell & Gossett Series e-1531 Pump Distinct?

Bell & Gossett Series e-1531 Pumps are made to the highest standards and well known for quality and durability. Apart from these two most sought after features, they consume very less energy, cutting down your power bills to a large extent. Highly efficient, B&G Series e-1531 Pumps are increasingly popular and bought to experience the greatest pump efficiency. Made with cutting edge technology and designed to serve long, you can keep your mind relaxed once you get a Bell & Gossett Series e-1531 Pump installed; no replacements, no repairs!!

Bell & Gossett Series e-1531 Pumps:Features

Mechanical seals

There's no susceptible flush tubing on the exterior; the mechanical seals on the interior ensure the greatest seal face fabrication, trash removal and heat dissipation. Around 25 percent of the pump flow constantly rinse out the seal faces.


Bell & Gossett Series e-1531 Pumps have a back pull-out design, making maintenance a breeze. They are easy to handle as well.

Special sealing

Bell & Gossett Series e-1531 Centrifugal Pumps come with SS shaft sleeve standard construction. There's a special sealing between the shaft and the sleeve that ensures there's no shaft corrosion by the pumped fluid. Doesn't it sound great?

ISO G6.3 Balanced Impeller

Nobody likes to own a noisy pump. These  B&G Series e-1531 End Suction Centrifugal Pumps are quiet to the core and perform without causing any vibration. Impellers are fitted with perfection and locked positively with a shaft key to further better the feature.

Cast Iron Volute

Heavy duty cast iron is used for constructionof these incredible pumps that make them ideal to take on the pressure with ease. There are jacking bolts that make disassembly of voulte effortless.

Standard gauge tappings

Gauge tappings used on the discharge flanges and the suction are of standard make. They are also used for drain tappings and volute vent.


Hydrostatic testing is ensured of each pump under Bell & Gossett Series e-1531 Pumps.

Construction materials

Materials used in the construction of  Bell & Gossett Series e-1531 End Suction Pumps are of the highest quality. Cast iron and stainless steel are the major ones used. While shaft is made from carbon steel, volute is made up of cast iron. Impeller, shaft sleeve, Impeller cap screw, Impeller key, lock washer and washer are built from #304 stainless steel.

Available in a variety of sizes and configuration options, Bell & Gossett Series e-1531 Pumps are ideal for several applications. Hydronic heating, cooling towers and industrial uses are some of the prominent ones among the many others.

The engineering skills incorporated in building Bell & Gossett Series e-1531 Pumps deserve the highest appreciation. One of the best available on the market today, these pumps can perform with supreme excellence for a long period of time and lower life cycle costs. The fluid dynamics technology in particular make them stand out from the rest.


The space saving pumps can also be customized. Yes, you heard it right. There are different options for configuration that can be used to suit your requirement. Ultimately, they are made to offer one of a kind performance.

Performance tests are made before these pumps are delivered to the customers. This is because Bell & Gossett is extremely concerned about customer satisfaction. Only after each pump is tried and tested in accordance with the industry standards are they dispatched for sale. We stock most repair parts for your pump, please visit our  Bell & Gossett Series e-1531 Pumps Parts page

Now, do you have any other reason to worry or think about? Stop your search and get set to place an order for a Bell & Gossett Series e-1531 Pump. Specify your need and get it configured to meet your operating demands, give National Pump Supply a call today.

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