Reasons Why The Taco 1600 Series Centrifugal Pump Is A Great Choice!

Reasons Why The Taco 1600 Series Centrifugal Pump Is A Great Choice!

"Taco HVAC", the name is synonymous with pumps. Used for heating, pressure boosting, air conditioning, maintenance and cooling water transfer, Taco 1600 series centrifugal pump performs to extraordinary levels. It is quiet and low on maintenance and increasingly bought for these reasons. This pump is available in 50 and 60 Hz and very competitively priced. There are 15 models to choose from that vary in size and flow range (10-235 GPM).

Here are the reasons to buy Taco 1600 series centrifugal pump:

Backed by Taco Inc

Backed by the leading Taco Inc., each Taco 1600 series centrifugal pump is made to the highest industry standards to perform to the greatest levels. Its hydraulic performance is matchless and as a user you can rely on it with full confidence. Taco has always led the industry for the manufacture of cooling and heating equipment for over 8 decades now; you need not think twice to make a decision.

Cartridge design makes the pump durable

The cartridge design in Taco 1600 series centrifugal pump is another reason to prefer it over the other similar ones on the market. While the design is made to be exclusively replaceable, the ball bearings are sealed permanently with grease lubrication. This way, the system fluids do not affect the ball bearings, making them last long and free of maintenance. The design is also made to simplify the maintenance with very less parts requirements besides a standard sized cartridge.

Ceramic sealed; rear pullout design

Taco 1600 series centrifugal pump is of rear pullout make. This makes servicing of the pump easy while causing no disturbance to the piping. Each pump is ceramic sealed.

Rugged casing

Taco 1600 series centrifugal pump is made from cast iron stainless steel or full stainless steel. Operating at a maximum of 175psi pressure and a temperature of 300 degree F, this pump is highly durable and guarantees lasting service. Once you buy this sturdy pump, you will have no worries of maintenance or replacement.

Pressure Tappings

This fantastic feature lets you take differential readings of pressure.

Enclosed Impeller

There's this stainless steel piece, a dynamically balanced impeller that assures great pump efficiency. The impeller also ensures long life.

Non-corrosive shaft sleeve

The shaft in Taco 1600 series in-line centrifugal pump is protected by the non-corrosive Cupro-Nickel shaft sleeve. It avoids the contact between the system fluids and the shaft, thus eliminating the requirement for costly corrosion resistant materials.

Standard Mechanical seal

Taco 1600 series centrifugal pump incorporates a type 21 seal design that enables a quick replacement. While the standard one is made from ceramic, you can also consider the new 'Sealide C' for aggressive system fluids. It is made flexible to be able to align to varied applications. The standard size seal fits all models, making maintenance a breeze.

Flexible Coupler

Taco 1600 series centrifugal pump has a flexible coupler that absorbs shock and vibration, that otherwise had all the chances of getting transmitted to the motor bearings and the cartridge. The coupler also isolates and prevents pump noise and vibrations.

Resilient Mounted Motor

The resilient mounted motor enables vibration free pump operation. This is an added bonus.


Mostly made from cast iron and stainless steel. The other notable materials used for construction are Cupro-Nickel and hardened alloy steel.

While these features make up the perfect reasons to buy a Taco 1600 series centrifugal pump, there are some other reasons as well. Apart from one cartridge and mechanical seal, this pump also has two motor frames that seamlessly fit onto any pump model. Each Taco 1600 series centrifugal pump is also factory tested and made to the Hydraulic Institute standards. Pump Flanges are available with the pump just visit our Taco 1600 series pump parts page. Do you want more reasons?


  • Load Match systems
  • Cooling Towers
  • Golf Courses
  • Air Conditioning systems
  • Recirculation
  • Booster Service
  • Livestock Watering
  • Dry Cleaning Plants
  • Heating Systems
  • Bottle Washers
  • Laundry Equipment
  • Lawn Sprinklers

Taco has always focused on pump efficiency. The Taco 1600 series in-line centrifugal pump in particular can save you loads of energy since it comes with the best of engineering design and specifications that assure power saving. The water circulation pump and circulator is increasingly becoming popular for its sturdy make and noise free performance. It is giving a tough competition to the other series pumps available out there.

Now, after learning so much about Taco 1600 series centrifugal pump, have you made up your mind to place an order? If so, you have made a great decision. With Taco Inc. by your side, you can keep away all your fears of lifecycle costs and buy with poise. Taco values your money; don't you feel this is enough to proceed with your purchase?

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14th Jan 2019 Jennifer

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