Reasons For Choosing The Bell & Gossett Triple Duty Valves

Reasons For Choosing The Bell & Gossett Triple Duty Valves

Bell & Gossett Model 3DV: Get the benefits of three valves in one

Any HVAC system consists of different types of valves that is present inside the system’s pumps and is essential for facilitating proper functioning of the machine. Bell and Gossett have brought to you one comprehensive valve, that provides you with the facilities of three different valves with their Model 3DV. This triple duty valve has three valves retrofitted inside one, including the check valve, calibrated balance valve and shut off/isolation valve, in order to allow your HVAC system’s pumps to function properly. The calibrated ball design that this all in one valve has allows you to properly balance your system and throttle the excess flow inside the HVAC system. The model comes further equipped with memory stop features that provides your HVAC system the ability of returning the valve to the origin point after it has been shut off. The three-in-one valve is further enhanced with its unique flow characteristics that help you achieve stellar system control. Owing to the vast range of connections and sizes that the Model 3DV comes equipped with, this valve would prove to be the best choice for your system and pump needs. 

Some things that you can hope to expect from the Model 3DV

  • The spring loaded and integrated check valve, present in this three-in-one valve model allows you to nullify backflow and prevent circulation caused by gravity, thereby ensuring higher levels of performance from your HVAC system.
  • The ball valve design and calibrated nameplate present in the Model 3DV allows you to achieve perfect balance in the functioning of your HVAC system.
  • This model also comes equipped with a full port ball valve. You can achieve the complete shutting off of your HVAC system, while allowing you to remove the pump easily without having to risk draining your entire system,
  • The extended PT and extended handles available with the Model 3DV allow you to easily install insulation, while still providing the avenue of ∆P to be measured accurately and the valve to be adjusted.
  • This model also has a Cv rating that ranges from 9-28, which makes the model the ideal choice based on both size and application factors.
  • The average sizes that you can expect from the Model 3DV are usually between 1” to 2”.
  • The model comes further equipped with temperature/pressure valves standard that allows you to easily measure any drops in flow and also allows you to accurately measure the flow inside the system.

Reasons for choosing the Triple Duty Valves from Bell and Gossett

  • Hydronic systems need to be proportionally balanced in such a manner that throttle loss is minimized. It is also important that you trim the pump impeller or adjust the pump speed in order to meet with the flow conditions of your pump’s design. In order to ensure these conditions an isolation valve and a check valve is necessary on the discharge side of your HVAC system. The typical check valves in non-slam wafer style and 4” in size usually has a Cv that ranges from 225 to 440, whereas a typical butterfly valve of 4” size usually has a Cv around 600. On the other hand, the Triple Duty Valve from Bell and Gossett has a Cv that lies within the range of 320. Therefore, whether you use the Triple Duty Valve or separate check and butterfly valves, the value of ∆P will be under 1 psi at a sample flow rate of 200 GPM, while having similar pressure drop rates when calculated at different flow rates. Additionally, you would have to invest more in installation and piping if you choose separate butterfly and check valves, which would result in increase in your labor and purchase costs. On the other hand, the Triple Duty Valves from Bell and Gossett will provide you with similar results, while not involving the extra costs that separate valves would incur.
  • The Triple Duty Valves from Bell and Gossett are further imbued with additional functions that are absent from separate check valves. These include:
  • 1. Commissioning Valve- The B&G Triple Duty Valves provide you with accurate P readings that will help you in determining the correct way to trim the pump impeller or assist you with setting the maximum speed in your VFD.
  • 2. Throttling Valve- In case you decide upon oversizing the pump in the foreseeable future to accommodate building expansions or due to simple overestimation of head losses happening in the design, the B&G Triple Duty Valves is capable of throttling your system in the event that your VFD fails to do the same properly.

The  Bell & Gossett Triple Duty Valves is a comprehensive valve that provides you with numerous benefits that separate valves would not allow you to achieve. Therefore, the main question that you need to ask yourself is not why you should choose this unique valve from Bell and Gossett, but why you should not choose it, and the reasons to support the latter is negligible.

12th Nov 2019 Jennifer

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