Bell & Gossett e-1510 Centrifugal Pump

Bell & Gossett e-1510 Centrifugal Pump

The Bell & Gossett e-1510 centrifugal pump offers an advanced version of the prior line of 1510 pumps by Bell & Gossett. Whether it is HVAC or plumbing needs, the e-1510 centrifugal pump can be seen as one of the best alternatives for end suction with its extremely proficient features.

Features & Benefits:

  • Improved Performance -
  • One of the main benefits of using the e-1510 pump lies in its low maintenance; as it not just consumes relatively less electricity, but also helps make the system perform in a much better way. The e-1510 has opened up new avenues for users, as far as its operation is concerned, and that too while bringing a significant improvement in its overall performance.

  • Flexible -
  • Another great feature of the new Bell & Gossett e-1510 centrifugal pump is the fact that it is one of the most flexible options you will find for all kinds of HVAC and plumbing needs. You cannot only choose the e-1510 range out of 26 different sizes, but also explore its versatile configuration alternatives to select the one that perfectly suits your needs and requirements. Probably, this is why the e-1510 an be seen as the perfect option for your HVAC and plumbing needs, especially when you are looking for a more customizable experience with your operating needs.

  • High End Design & Engineering -
  • The e-1510 pump gets its highly efficient and dynamic features with the help of the CFD (computational fluid dynamics) design technology and profound hydraulic engineering from which it has been built.

  • Easy Service -
  • The e-1510 centrifugal pump by Bell & Gossett comes with guaranteed ease in services. The true back pullout feature of the e-1510 helps in making sure that the motor and piping is not affected while servicing.

  • Unique Seal Design -
  • The e-1510 pump comes with an advanced unique seal design that eliminates the need for any kind of external flushing. The steady and effective internal self flushing feature of the e-1510 is what helps make sure that there is enough lubrication in the seal. This unique seal design also helps to get rid of the debris and dispel heat for a smooth functioning and improved performance. Moreover, in comparison to other pumps, the e-1510 allows for 2.5-3 times more internal flushing that gives it an edge over the other alternatives.

  • Computer Balancing Impellers For Vibration Free Performance -
  • Another factor that makes the e-1510 centrifugal pump a great choice for your HVAC or plumbing operations is its computer controlled balancing of impellers. This feature of the e-1510 plays a huge role in allowing for an effective performance that comes with a bonus of being vibration free and silent.

  • Easy Access with Heavy Duty Base Plate -
  • The Bell & Gossett e-1510 pump comes with a heavy duty and sturdy base plate that allows for great convenience while grouting equipment. To add to it, the open top design of the base plate makes the whole process of dealing with the equipment quite eas and convenient.

  • Center Drop Out Spacer Coupling -
  • The center drop-out spacer coupling feature of the Bell & Gossett Series e-1510 pump enables to remove the bearing and rotating frame with much ease. Not just this, but it is able to do so without creating a disturbance in the alignment of its end pipe or any of the motor electrical links. In this way, the e-1510 proves to be a much viable and effective alternative in comparison to the pumps that have a traditional and rigid jaw-like coupling.

  • Accurate Inspections -
  • The fact that the e-1510 comes with a condition monitor option, allows for a time to time analysis of the temperature and vibration level. It not just helps with accurate inspections, but also automatically indicates high levels of temperature and vibration that have crossed the pre set numbers. This feature of the e-1510 is something that makes the chances of a failure quite unlikely. On the whole, the condition monitor feature of the pump adds to making it performance more effective while decreasing the costs on all sorts of maintenance needs.

  • Ensured Volute and Motor Assembly Alignment -
  • Last but not least, another significant feature of the Bell & Gossett e-1510 pump is its solid foot mounted volute that makes sure that the alignment between the volute and motor assembly is efficiently maintained. In the absence of this solid foot volute, the possibility of a failure can increase, especially when it comes to projects that require the use of hot water. The strategic position of this volute foot plays a huge role in providing a sturdy base and adding support during activities like the thermal expansion of the pipes faced next to the volute.

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