Bell and Gossett Ultra Setter Pressure Control Valve

Bell and Gossett Ultra Setter Pressure Control Valve

Bell & Gossett Ultra Setter Pressure Control Valve

Bells & Gossett Ultra pressure Independent Control Valves combine the adjustability of easy field with an excellent flow control. Both these features make it an ideal energy efficient solution for your HVAC System.The innovative design of the valve provides a full stroke modulation irrespective of the maximum flow rate which is preset.

This Ultra setter pressure control technique is becoming more popular day by day. It’s advanced GPM adjustable dial provides accurate flow control, eliminates valve hunting and improves the efficiency of energy in HVAC systems.

These valves prevent gigantic misses in the required flow rate in variable speed systems. They also provide an advantage of flow limiting in systems where the hydraulic changes cause energy wasting overflow in zones.

The  Bell & Gossett Ultra Setter Pressure Control Valve is a combination of differential pressure regulator, control valve and your branch balance valve into one unique valve. This combination provides a highest level of flow control. The most important benefit of these valves as well as the reason behind their extremely fast growth in market is the saving of installation and energy.

They have the ability to perform a balancing function continuously all the time. It maintains 100% authority at all times as it’s sizing and selection are much more simplified than ever. There are no Cv calculations required for a proper control and same is the case with the control valves. The control valves in Ultra setter valves no longer need to be undersized for proper control.

They provide a constant flow regardless of the pressure variations of the system.The valves need a minimum differential pressure always to operate to guarantee the minimum water flow that is required by the sensor. In case, If the valves are doing their work below a certain limit of minimum differential pressure, the readings of the flow fluctuate and are not accurate. Similarly, there is a maximum differential pressure as well, if the value exceeds beyond its limit, there is inadequate control. The differential pressure regulator of the valve incorporates a rubber diaphragm which is moved by pressure difference and a spring. As the diaphragm starts moving, it operates a valve that keeps the pressure drop constant irrespective of the pressure changes. The section of ball valve then modulates to maintain set point of room so the flow differs by room demand and not by the changes in pressure of the system.

  • Provides 100% authority with excellent control.
  • During the selection of control valves, there is no need to make Cv calculations
  • It consists of a lockable GPM dial which is field adjustable.
  • Range of Flow rates- 0.13 GPM to 880 GPM.
  • Availability of full control strokes 24x7
  • Reduction of cost due to combination valves
  • Improves the efficiency of the system as well as reduces the consumption of system energy.
  • It offers a complete shut off as well as clog free operation due to its Globe valve design.
  • Sizes- ½ to6
  • Siemens and Honeywall Acutuators

It is a technology that is becoming popular day by day due to its considerably affordable price and it is the only PICV in the market. With its latest technology and features, they are the easiest to use and provide a fastest setup per unit. The labor savings due to its easy setup and reliability pays for the investment in a very short period of time.

Even though the technology is advanced doesn’t means that it is expensive and complicated. These Ultra setter valves are a clear example of it.All the valves will provide the rated flow without depending onthe pressure of the system.

Pressure independent control valves are an automatic temperature control valve regulating a package of valves in one valve body.It’s automatic flow regulation maintains a constant flow of hot or chilled water regardless of the pressure changes of the system.

Systems with these valves do not need to be balanced and rebalanced during commissioning. They maintain as well as regulate a constant flow to the coil as water pressure in the system varies with the changing loads. So, overall it delivers better comfort, reduces actuator operation and reduces expensive call backs. It allows the system to perform better with the perfect flow to each coil.

It integrates dynamic balancing and control functions into a single product. It responds to the changes or variations in pressure in order to maintain the desired flow. Because the valve is a combination of both control valve and balancing valve in one unit, there is no requirement of buying a control valve and balancing valve which saves the installation costs. In addition, they also eliminate the need of expensive and complex reverse return piping. Hence, the  Bell & Gossett Ultra Setter Pressure Control Valve is a new hype in the industry.

25th Apr 2019 Jennifer

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