Axiom Specialty Products For Hydronic Systems

Axiom Specialty Products For Hydronic Systems

Hydronic pipeline networks are often plagued by the problem of water freezing and affecting its entirety. Furthermore, excessively hot water may turn out to be corrosive for the pipe material and may end up damaging the very conduit meant to transfer the water. Axiom Industries, understanding these problems to the very core, has come up with a unique line-up for products to solve every type of hydronics related issue. Read on to discover the product suitable for your specific woe and for more information please visit our Axiom Hydronic System Products Page for more information.

1. Axiom Digital Mini System Feeder: This compact and economical device is use for providing pressurized water or water glycol mixture to a cold environment, such as snow, ice blocks, frozen water, solar and geothermal heating systems etc., particularly for closed loop heating purposes for maintaining a lukewarm temperature. This product comes packed with features hard to find in its market counterparts. They are:

  • User defined low pressure setting
  • User defined high pressure setting
  • Low level Alert Output
  • 17-liter tank with translucent walls to detect development of leaks or other problems.
  • A 5"outlet tilt for easy outpouring of treated water.
  • Digital set-up and diagnostic menu.

Features and Benefits:

  • No annual recertification test required.
  • The pump is switched off automatically once the storage levels of the tank get too low.
  • Water or other fluid drained from the system can be easily recovered and used again.
  • Leak detection is provided as dropping fluid levels in tank sends warning that the storage tank may have developed a leak.

Axiom PuroPal (Water Demineralizers): Some of the free metal atoms and ionic radicals in water tend to be reactive for the pipeline material thereby affecting heat exchange efficiency and boiler longevity. It therefore becomes extremely imperative to treat the fluid for removal of these ions. This is where the PuroPal Water Demineralizer comes into picture. Not only does it work to remove all dissolved minerals but ensures that absolute water quality standard is met by all manufacturers and suppliers. Its ion exchange stack allows water inlet from any domestic source to come out as mineral free water from the outlet.

Features and Benefits:

  • It lowers electrical conductivity which in turn reduces corrosion which lowers the rate of oxidization.
  • It is an economically viable alternative to pre-blended or pre-diluted glycol.
  • It comes equipped with disposable cartridges for easy and convenient use for job specific residential and light commercial water treatment applications.

Some of the star performers of Axiom PuroPal model systems:

  • Axiom PuroPal 1 and 300-with its translucent exterior for easy observation, it comes equipped with a single usage cartridge for one-time application.
  • Axiom PuroPal 1000- Equipped with a larger cartridge and robust design that ensures increased surface area for treatment of larger fluid volume. It even comes along with the PuroPal Meter to accurately measure the volume of treated water in real time.
  • Axiom PuroPal Leader- One of the most advanced models of the PuroPal lineup, it comes combines simplicity, compactness and engineering ingenuity with high design. It is a single mobile unit occupying a very small floor space. It has a digital display for the volume of water treated and provides for multiple exchange of cartridges with a downtime of mere seconds.
  • Axiom PuroPal 50- Suited for a more commercial standpoint, this behemoth boasting of 1775 USG treatment comes packed with all the features found in the aforementioned models, along with a heavy-duty stainless-steel body, inlet and outlet conductivity meter, flow meter and blending valve. 

Axiom Condensate Neutralizers: Vehemently important from the environmental safety point of view, this device is a must have for all eco-friendly manufacturing units, along with individual domestic purposes. Its purpose is to treat the condensate fluid formed inside fuel burning appliances to treat its acidity and make its pH neutral for safe discharge into the surroundings.

Features and Benefits:

  • Axiom NeutraPal- Comes equipped with a highly corrosion resistant body for long term durability. It contains an initial charge of Axiom's unique blend of LipHter and neutralizing media. Contains compact capsules which makes it ideal for light commercial and domestic uses.
  • Axiom NeutraPro: Ideal for a more industrial use, it contains a baffle weave channel that remains immersed in Axiom's LipHter neutralizing media blend. The inlet for condensate fluid is built low so that it remains as close to the floor as possible. Furthermore, an inbuilt bypass feature prevents the backflow of treated condensate to mix with the untreated one. This device is most suitable for industrial gas burning appliances.
  • Axiom NeutraPump: Not only does this device neutralize the acidic condensate, but is also used for pumping the treated fluid to a desired location. It comes packed with all the aforementioned features of the Neutra series, plus auxiliary dry contacts for high level fluid condition.

Here was an exhaustive list of all appliances in Axiom's kitty suitable for advanced demands of modern hydronics systems. 

11th Sep 2019 Jennifer

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