00R-F6-4IFC Taco Cast Iron Radiant Heating Circulator

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00R-F6-4IFC Taco Cast Iron Radiant Heating Circulator. The 00R-IFC Taco Radiant Heating Circulator is specifically designed for the flow and head requirements of the radiant heating systems you design and install today. This unit’s performance curve delivers flow you can use in a wide combination of tube diameters and lengths of run. Standard on the 00R-IFC is a removable, spring-loaded Integral Flow Check (IFC) that prevents gravity flow and eliminates the need for a separate, in-line check valve. Available in bronze or cast iron. Cast iron models redesigned (July, 2005) with IFC located in the discharge port so that the unit can be installed on the supply or return lines. Casing can be purged using standard piping configurations. Cast iron 00R-IFC also features a new LED indicator light to show when pump is operating to assist with system diagnostics.


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The 00R-IFC Radiant Heating circulator with Integral Flow Check specifically fits the higher head and lower flow designs used in many Radiant Heating systems. The circulator's performance curve delivers flow that can be used in a wide combination of tube diameters and length of runs. The removable, spring loaded Integral Flow Check (IFC) prevents gravity flow/reverse flow. By locating the IFC inside the pump casing, a separate in-line flow check is eliminated, simplifying piping and reducing installation costs. It also makes for a modern, clean looking job when mounting the pump in vertical runs of pipe, pumping away from the boiler. Both the IFC and cartridge are easily accessed for service instead of replacing the entire unit. Available in Cast Iron and Stainless Steel construction. If you have any questions please give us a call at 1-800-781-7405 or email us your request: Sales@NationalPumpSupply.com.

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Additional Information

Cast Iron
Horse Power:
1/25 hp
Connection Size:
3/4", 1", 1-1/4", 1-1/2"
Flow Range (GPM):
Max Flow:
Head Range (FT):
Max Head (FT):
3-Year Manufacturer Warranty
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