Taco 4900 Series Vortech & Bronze Air Separators

Taco 4900 Series Vortech & Bronze Air Separators

Taco 4900 Series Bronze Air Separators:

  • The 4900 Series are designed for the complete elimination of air from closed loop heating and cooling systems up to a maximum temperature of 240°F and a maximum pressure of 150 PSI. The principle on which the Taco 4900 Series Air Separator is based is a patented and proven method of removing gases from water: the PALL ring process.

Taco Vortech Air Separators:

  • Designed to provide an enhanced level of air removal in hydronic heating, cooling or combination systems. Air is quickly and efficiently separated and vented through a factory-installed Taco 3/4" Hy-Vent®. The Hy-Vent along with Taco's innovative tangential flow pattern and primary separation chamber make the Vortech the most effective and reliable air separator you can buy. It requires no minimum run of piping and the convenient 1/2" bottom tapping makes it easy to install an expansion tank. Maximum operating pressure of 150 PSI (1034 kPa) and maximum operating temperature of 240 °F (115 °C).

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