Taco 00e VR ECM High Efficiency Circulators

Taco 00e VR ECM High Efficiency Circulators

Taco VR 15 - VR 30 ECM High Efficiency Circulating Pumps

The Taco 00e Series pump is a Web-enabled, wet rotor, variable speed commercial pumps for chilled and hot water applications. A convergence of efficiency, simplicity and technology within this new generation of wet rotor circulators. The 00e (VR15 - VR30) are versatile web-enabled, wet rotor, variable speed line of commercial pumps for chilled and hot water applications. Internet access and settings make installation, setup and service easy. The ECM motor saves up to 85% of the electrical energy compared to conventional pumps. Multiple operating modes make this pump a perfect choice for most applications


The 00e® series — These are browser accessable, high-efficiency, wet rotor, variable speed, sensorless commercial pumps for chilled and hot water applications. Available in four sizes(VR 15-3, 20-3, 25-3 and 30-3), the sensorless 00e VR line provides differential head pressures up to 42 ft. and flows up to 360 GPM. The ECM motor provides up to 85% electrical energy savings compared with conventional pumps and its multiple operating modes fit most applications.

  • Simple user interface to enable setting changes on the face of the pump, eliminating the need for laptop setup
  • Real-time performance readouts for flow, power consumption, speed and head values
  • Self Sensing Dynamic Auto (factory default), Proportional & Constant Pressure plus Manual Variable Speed modes provide for extremely extensive application flexibility
  • On board 0-10Vdc two way control adjusts speed or head to meet system demands from external control inputs
  • ModBus control and performance feedback for advanced Building Management / Building Automation Systems
  • RJ 45 input / output for ease of networking
  • Relay outputs for remote monitoring of pump status and digital inputs for external enable / disabling
  • Simple Main / Standby and Parallel Pump operation (parallel pumps run together as needed) via standard ethernet cabling

Efficiency as the basis of design: The ECM based design combines a brushless Electronically Commutated Motor with a strong permanent magnet rotor. An ECM motor does not waste any energy in order to magnetize the rotor and the position of the magnetic poles of the rotor and stator generate continuous thrust in the rotating direction of the rotor. The integral electronics precisely drive the rotor as fast as the rotating flux, significantly reducing motor efficiency losses while greatly increasing starting torque.

Full variable speed control matches system requirements: The electronics continually adapt the speed to match the requirements of the system. Because the electrical motor is being driven by an on-board frequency converter the electric current is rectified and converted into the appropriate phase angle to maximize energy efficiency, even when operating at hydraulic partial load conditions. The superior motor efficiency, optimized speed control, and intelligent sensorless variable speed pump control delivers dramatic cost savings over the life of the system.

Flexibility to fit the job: The hydraulic characteristics of the pump can be set at will. Pump regulation can be done by pressure, speed, electrical power or a combination of these, so it can be adapted to different hydraulic system requirements without the need for external regulators or sensors. Ready-to-go out of the box, this pump will automatically adjust its speed based on internally sensed variable differential pressure control, providing optimal energy savings across the industry’s largest operating range. Additional modes of control can be selected to provide constant pressure control, proportional pressure control, constant curve duty (uncontrolled pump), multiple speed, RPM regulation or power limitation control. These pumps can be operated as single, parallel or series variable speed pumps. The onboard electronics allows the user to choose to run two pumps in parallel, standby or alternating modes. The built-in normally open, or normally closed relay contacts can be used to activate or deactivate a primary or secondary pump contact, provide external operation or overload feedback or switch another piece of equipment. In addition, this pump comes standard with 2 external digital inputs and 1 external digital output to be available for additional mechanical room control and pump monitoring. 

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